The vision of Trident International is to carry the mission of China's economic globalization, integrate the dominant resources, comprehensive logistics and related financial services,and the global leading logistics supply chain service group.To confirm toThe Belt and Road Initiative,Trident International focuses on the layout of shipping, logistics, finance investment, equipment manufacturing, shipping services, social and Industry based on business model innovation internet,create the world's leading integrated logistics supply chain service providers.

Since 2006, we have partnered early and at every stage of growth with the founders of companies that now have an aggregate, public market value of over $3.3 billion.



Honesty and credibility are basic principles in our world, based on these fundamental beliefs our business continues to grow. We are convinced that in the fierce market competition, credibility, sincerity, honesty and being open to friendly cooperation leads to long-term development. Trust is a fundamental principle between staff members as well as dealing with customers. We are aiming at a high quality customer service which exceeds the customer’s expectations.

These principles allow our employees to have sense of achievement, to be proud of themselves at the end of the day and also allows investors to gain stable profits which serve as essential requirements form credit management.



Trident International mainly engages in wholesale and retail container fittings. Our company offers attractive prices, good quality and excellent Products. We have signed a supply agreement with Qingdao city and we received praise from customers.

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About Us

  • High quality technical service brand

  • Unified technical standards of service

  • Implementation of technical resources, spare resources, human resource sharing

  • Provide network and high-quality, professional technical service to customers

Trident International is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in R&D, international trade, logistics and container industry. Our main scope of business includes R&D for FLAT-PACK House, Modified Container House, Light Gauge Steel Building, logistics for the international trade and import and export products to new and existing markets and container leasing, manufacturing, one-way new container trade, transportation, freight, repairing and container fittings.

We have a separate design, research and development capability and can be customized to customer demand.

The professional team of Trident are proficient in international trading business, keen-witted, capable and honest, engaged in the products which include building material, daily fast consumption, general goods, farming tools & hardwares and electronics & appliances. Trident is a service-oriented export trading company providing domestic and international companies the opportunity to import and export products to new and existing markets.