Economic Globalization has brought many opportunities and challenges so far. In order to comply with this trend, TRIDENT has been constantly exploring the most suitable methods for its development and growth. With continuous trials down the line, we are now involved in investing of plants, products by equipments and capital stocks investments. While meeting the demands of customers, TRIDENT is supplying high quality products with technological advancements and constantly improving equipments.

In the field of logistics equipment lease, TRIDENT has already cooperated with the world's Top 500 shipping lines like MAERSK, ONE, CMA, ZIM, ARKAS, COSCO etc., and has established a complete logistics system to ensure the products transparency and sales globally. Our investments scale is constantly expanding with the businesses spreading globally. We have long-term investment plans and views which are not just confined to producing products only. We are also keen to combine our products with people and integrate with the world development to make sure of our presence and role in the future world stage.


Our Vision

  • TRIDENT has valued its employees as team member and is constantly encouraging them to participate in the efforts towards improvement. Supporting and assisting them at all times to achieve their full potential and meet their job responsibilities ease and efficiency.

  • Continuing to improve services based on changing customers and employees needs by creating a positive work environment.

  • We are committed to increase customer satisfaction by providing quality products and cost-effective services on a timely basis. We accomplish this by performing tasks with innovative methods and constant communication with our customers to improve our processes with their changing demands



TRIDENT has a strong financial advantage to ensure the production processes. We have established a complete procedure system from design,production, inspection, sales and after-sales. In each step of the process our trained staff communicates with customers to make sure that our products are better understood and up to the customers satisfactory requirements. We have a network of services globally which allows our products to better satisfy our customers needs and enables us to do well in the global market. Our employees are carefully selected, so that we maintain our sharp market insights, efficiency, confidences and the abilities to continuously adapt to meet any customer’s demands.


About Us

TRIDENT has made its name around the world due to a solid industrial culture, great competitive strength and the Group's significant presence worldwide in various business areas. The Group has a strong presence within the investments and logistics, working in partnership with major players in the sector. TRIDENT crystallizes in its decisions to combine the value of experience with innovations, to promote  sustainable progress and constantly pursue a strategy for internationalization.