Social Values

Improvement Of Living Standards In Third World Countries

In the modern society with rapid development of technologies and informational revolutions, there are still people who suffer with starvation and wars. The gap of wealth exists too. We hope to transfer the advanced technologies and machines from developed countries to the third world countries. Build factories there which will provide them employment opportunities. These steps will help in improving their living standards and reduce the threats of starvation. Support the people there to gain confidence on their future filled with hopes, joy and sunshine rather than darkness.

Improve Education Level In Third World Countries

We have deeply realized that knowledge is extremely important and education plays the essential role in development of countries and technologies. With the helps of international organizations and local governments, we have built schools with well trained teachers to teach local people and polish their skills to create a better future themselves. This will not only improve the education level in the third world countries, but also promote the local materials, economy and cultural development.

Enhance Cooperation With UN And Other International Organizations

During the process of industry development, we still pay a lot of attention on one’s security. And we know that the people in underdeveloped areas are in need of better medical treatment facilities. Therefore, we would like to contribute to the health sector there and hope to cooperate with UN, SOS Organizations to test the involved physical indexes on Earth. Because it’s the only way and we hope to spare efforts to the security of the environment and its residents. So as to make the natural resources last for longer and better lives of generations to come.